D-BOX Connect Account Creation


Step 1:

In your browser, go to Connect.d-box.com and click on SIGN UP


Step 2:

Fill in the information and click on sign up


Confirm you read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy by clicking in the check box

Step 3:

Click on Create My Account


Step 4:

This web page will show up in your browser


Step 5:

In your email application, open the email from D-BOX Connect and click on VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT


Your browser will open automatically and you will need to click on CONTINUE


After clicking on Continue you will be redirected to the D-BOX Connect login screen.

Step 6:

Log in 


Step 7:

After you log in, you will see the welcome screen below. You can:

  • Buy a subscription to have access to D-BOX Coded movie content
  • Access information on the D-BOX website (help center etc.)
  • Close this browser and go back to the Game Center or the HaptiSync app

kb_theaterIf you are gaming or watching a movie with your PC, open your Game Center. Click on Log in to log in to your account – if not already logged in.

kb_log-1Click on ''OK'' to link your device to your account 



You are now ready to play or watch a movie!

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