D-BOX HaptiSync device activation - with a HaptiSync Hub

This article explains how to complete your D-BOX HaptiSync Hub activation and link it to your D-BOX Connect account.


Open the D-BOX HaptiSync app on your mobile phone or computer.



NETWORK CONNECTION (1st time only)

Ensure your HaptiSync Hub is connected to your Network.

If using a wireless Wi-Fi network:

  • Open the D-BOX HaptiSync app.
  • Press the Add button and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Your mobile device needs to be connected to your Wi-Fi network.
  • You will need to know your Wi-Fi password.

If using your wired Ethernet network:

  • Connect a network cable to the ETHERNET port of your HaptiSync Hub.
  • Open the HaptiSync app.
  • The HaptiSync Hub should be detected automatically.


In the HaptiSync app, select your HaptiSync Hub

You will see the message Activation Required, if not already activated. 

Click on your computer and follow the steps until you see the Activated confirmation.  You will need to confirm and login to your D-BOX Connect account.



After activating your account, content (haptic codes) needs to be downloaded to your HaptiSync Hub. 

You will see Downloading Content under your HaptiSync Hub name. 

It could take a few hours the first time you download content.


While content is downloading, you can click on your D-BOX HaptiSync Hub and validate your D-BOX Connect account is activated.



Your HaptiSync Hub is now linked to your D-BOX Connect account. 

You now have access to the following modes.  Please follow the links below to understand how they work.