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Motion Code Library not showing/updating

Read the article below to discover what needs to be done if your D-BOX motion code library is not adequately showing up or updating.

This article is valid for the following list of issues:

  • No movies are listed in the library
  • The library is not downloading
  • Issues with the installation of motion codes
  • No motion code update
Step 1:

Before you start, we recommend you update the motion controller to its latest software version. Please open this link in a new window and follow the outlined steps:

Step 2: 

Check for a valid subscription and pairing. 

To access these steps, open this link in a new window:

Step 3:

Troubleshoot for any network issues.

To access these steps, open this link in a new window:

Step 4:

Reboot your motion controller.

  • Press the power button to power off your device
  • Disconnect the power cable from the device
  • Wait 5 seconds
  • Reconnect the power cable
  • Press the power button 
Step 5:

The update process might take up to several hours, depending on your internet speed. It will also upload the latest motion code (library).

We suggest you keep the HEMC or HaptiSync Hub connected at least 24 hours.