How to activate D-BOX haptics in Forza Horizon 5

If you're ready to race, read this article to discover how to activate D-BOX haptics in Forza Horizon 5!


ACCOUNT & SUBSCRIPTION (1st time only)

If not already done, create your D-BOX Connect account.


SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD (1st time only)

If not already done, download and install the latest version of D-BOX Motion Core Software.  It is available in the Software Downloads section of our website.   

If you have a Motion 1 chair and have installed Master Plus already, you can skip this step.


ACTIVATION (1st time only)

Make sure your computer is activated and linked to your D-BOX Connect account.


On your desktop, Open the D-BOX Game Center




When prompted by the D-BOX Game Center, login to your D-BOX Connect account 



In the D-BOX Game Center, set the HaptiSync Mode to D-BOX Coded Gaming

Still in the D-BOX Game Center,  select the game you want to play.

Click on Install to install the Forza Horizon 5 haptic code  (this needs to be done the first time you want to play the game or when there is an update to the haptic code)



Launch Forza Horizon 5 and in the SETTINGS,  HUD AND GAMEPLAY section:

Set the Data Out IP Address to and the Data Out IP port to 32000.

Activate motion in Forza Horizon 5 Step 3


Go back in the Game Center and click on Launch to launch the game and activate the haptic code of your game. (IMPORTANT:  Forza Horizon 5 needs to be launched from the D-BOX Game Center)



IMPORTANT: To avoid any technical issues when playing, you should first launch the Forza game before launching it from the Game Center.



  • During gameplay, you can pause your game.  Press the WINDOWS key, then ALT+TAB to jump to the Game Center.
  • You can open the haptic settings for a game by clicking on the Settings button or context menu


  •  You can customize the global settings and change profile 


  • You can even customize a profile and create your own