D-BOX Coded Video (From the Game Center)

Premium haptic experience for D-BOX coded movies, TV shows, using audio synchronization.

1. If not already done, create your D-BOX Connect account (How-to-create-your-d-box-connect-account) and ensure you subscribe to an HaptiSync subscription to get access to more than 2,200 movies and shows.  (Two free months automatically activated upon creating a D-BOX Connect account and activating a PC)
2. When prompted by the D-BOX Game Center, login to your D-BOX Connect account 

In the D-BOX Game Center, set the HaptiSync Mode to D-BOX Coded Video 


Please make sure to press '' Yes'' when prompted for admin rights



  • In the Game Center, click on HaptiSync App to launch it  and go through the activation flow for your PC – first-time use only (the Mobile version of the app can also be used).  


  • In the HaptiSync app,  there is no need to use the function Add HaptiSync Device.  If you have chosen the HaptiSync Mode D-BOX Coded Video in the Game Center, your PC will appear automatically.
  • You will see the message Activation Required. Click on your computer and follow the steps to log in to your D-BOX Connect account
  • Wait for the whole content update process to complete. It could take a few hours
5. Follow these steps to select the audio input that will capture the audio feed (first time use only): 

(We know this is more complicated than the target audio capture solution we  have planned to roll-out in the next few weeks. However, we wanted to give you the chance to access this new feature as an early adopter.)

    • Install VB Audio
      • Download the utility VB Audio – Virtual Cable https://vb-audio.com/Cable/ 
      • Open the downloaded package, extract all files and run the setup file 
      • Reboot your system when prompted 
    • After rebooting, right-click on speaker in Windows bar 
    • Click on Open sound settings 
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    • Click on Sound Control Panel

    Note: If you are on Windows 11, you can reach the same advanced Sound settings by clicking on Sound settings and scroll down in the Advanced section to select More sound settings.

    • On the Playback tab

      - Right click on any devices and check Show Disabled Devices
      - Right click on Cable Input and check Enable
      - Right click on Cable Input again and check Set as Default Device

    • Go to the Recording tab 
    • Right click on Cable Output and click on Enable and on Properties 
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    • Go on the tab Listen and then check Listen to this device and in the drop-down list, choose Default Playback Device (or any other device you want to use)

    • Go on the tab Advanced , Default Format and then select from the drop-down list 2 channel, 16 bit, 48000 Hz (DVD Quality)
    • Click on Apply and you can now close your Sound Setting window

    • Select CABLE Input (VB-Audio Virtual Cable) as the Audio Output Device in the Windows task bar

    Windows 10:
    Windows 11:



    6.  Back in the Game Center, Select the HaptiSync Mode D-BOX Coded Video

    Open the HaptiSync app 




    In the HaptiSync app, select your computer 

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    Under Audio Input, select CABLE Output (VB-Audio Virtual Cable)  in the drop down  




    Open your browser and go to the D-BOX Haptic Experiences YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD8F52JjbOh2s0IixZti1sw

    • Start the test clip and wait 30 seconds to confirm that everything works 
    • Start the calibration clip to verify that there is no unpleasant delay (optional)
    Note: Ensure the content download is completed before starting this step.  


    Start your movie and wait for the audio synchronization to complete. Motion should start about 2-3 minutes after the movie begins. 


    In the HaptiSync app, you might see one of these 3 messages:

    • Activation Required: Just click on your computer icon and follow the steps to complete the activation.  You need to log in to your D-BOX Connect account  
    • Subscription Required: You need to check your subscription status at https://connect.d-box.com (D-BOX Connect website)


    • Downloading Content: Haptic content is updating.  You just need to wait until the update is completed



    Here is an article that can help you troubleshoot common issues when setting up the D-BOX Coded Video Mode:  FAQ and Troublesooting article