FAQ - D-BOX Coded Video Mode (using a computer)

D-BOX Coded Video Mode is compatible with computers, allowing you to experience immersive haptic feedback while enjoying over 2500 movies and series.

Question Answer

Message “No Seat Detected” showing in the HaptiSync app

A screenshot of no seat detected

  • Ensure your haptic device is powered on
  • Ensure your haptic seat is connected to your computer, HaptiSync Hub or HEMC
  • if using a PC:
    • reboot your computer
    • Restart the “DboxMotionPlayerMonitor” service

Message "Capturing Audio" or "Silence Detected" showing in the HaptiSync app


  • Validate you have chosen the correct audio device (Audio Source) in the HaptiSync app

Message “Audio Feed Lost” showing in the HaptiSync app


  • If using a PC, verify your Audio Capture Settings in Windows

Message “Activation Required”  showing in the HaptiSync app

A screenshot indicating action is required

  • Click on the icon and follow the activation process 
No haptic when watching a movie coded by D-BOX 

Here are some possible reasons why your haptic device might not be working when watching a movie coded by D-BOX:

  • In the HaptiSync app:
    • Make sure that your seat is detected.
    • Ensure you have selected D-BOX Coded Video mode.
    • Confirm that the movie you are watching is coded by D-BOX and that the haptic library content has been updated.
    • Verify that the HaptiSync app is capturing audio from the correct audio device (Audio Source).
    • Validate that the system recognizes the movie. Sometimes it might take a few seconds after the movie starts for the recognition to occur.  To accelerate the recognition, you can also activate the Fast Sync option in the D-BOX content library (mobile app only).
    • Ensure that you have an active HaptiSync subscription and that you are logged into the HaptiSync app.
    • Check that the haptic is not muted.
    • In the HaptiSync app, try switching the HaptiSync Mode to Adaptive Audio and then switch back to D-BOX Coded Video.

    Content is not updating in the HaptiSync app (error 200 or 300)




    It should resolve itself within a few minutes.  Here is a brief explanation of all error codes: 
      • 200: Error checking for update (internet connection issue or other).  You might also be behind a firewall preventing access to D-BOX servers
      • 201: Error connecting with D-BOX Connect
      • 300: Error while downloading
      • 301: Server content not ready (this should be temporary, if not, please contact support)
    If the error continues to occur, please reach out to D-BOX support for further assistance.
    What is the purpose of the Fast Sync function?

    The Fast Sync function is a feature available in the mobile version of the HaptiSync app. It allows you to preload the haptic code of the movie you are about to watch, which helps to speed up the recognition of the content.

    Please note that this feature is not available in the Windows version of the app.

    Why do I need a D-BOX Connect account?


    D-BOX Connect serves as the central hub for managing all aspects of your D-BOX products. This includes your user profile, content subscriptions, and more in the future. Additionally, D-BOX Connect enables us to enhance the reliability of content distribution for a better user experience.