How to activate D-BOX haptics in BeamNG

If you're ready to race, read this article to discover how to activate D-BOX haptics in BeamNG!


ACCOUNT & SUBSCRIPTION (1st time only)

If not already done, create your D-BOX Connect account.


SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD (1st time only)

If not already done, download and install the latest version of D-BOX Motion Core Software.  It is available in the Software Downloads section of our website.   

If you have a Motion 1 chair and have installed Master Plus already, you can skip this step.


ACTIVATION (1st time only)

Make sure your computer is activated and linked to your D-BOX Connect account.


On your desktop, Open the D-BOX Game Center




When prompted by the D-BOX Game Center, login to your D-BOX Connect account 



In the D-BOX Game Center, set the HaptiSync Mode to D-BOX Coded Gaming

Still in the D-BOX Game Center,  select BeamNG.

Click on Install to install the BeamNG haptic code  (this needs to be done the first time you want to play the game or when there is an update to the haptic code)



Launch BeamNG and in the GAME OPTIONS section:

  • Look for the section called OTHER
  • Ensure that the options “Outgauge support” and “MotionSim enabled” are checked.
  • Set the IP address to “” and the UDP port to “4444”.
  • Also, make sure the data sink called “BeamNGWithLiveMotion.exe” is running in the background.

BeamNG setup


Go back in the Game Center and click on Launch to launch the game and activate the haptic code of your game. (IMPORTANT:  Beam NG needs to be launched from the D-BOX Game Center)


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