Adaptive Audio Mode (HaptiSync Hub or HEMC)

Experience automated haptic experiences (not coded by D-BOX) for any movie, music and TV sow, using audio processing.


If not already done, create your D-BOX Connect account and ensure you subscribe to a HaptiSync subscription to get access to haptic codes for more than 2,500 movies and shows.

If the movie you want to watch is not in the list, you can use the Adaptive Audio Mode.


Ensure your HaptiSync Hub or HEMC is connected directly to your Audio Source (AV Receiver, TV, etc.) using the "AUDIO IN" port of your HaptiSync Hub or HEMC.

Please refer to the HEMC or HaptiSync Hub user guides for detailed audio wiring diagrams.

HaptiSync Hub


Note: Using the HaptiSync Hub microphone or a HEMC optional microphone is not recommended for this mode.


In the HaptiSync app (mobile or Windows), set the HaptiSync Mode to Adaptive Audio.



Under Audio Source, select "IN: Audio Line-in"  in the drop down.


As all movies have different soundtrack and style, you might have to adjust the Audio Source Level to optimize the haptic feedback.

The option "Ignore Central Audio (Voice)" might be used for some movies to ensure there is no haptic feedback on dialogues (voice).  If this is activated, you might have to set your Audio Source Level to maximum or close to.


Haptic feedback should start quickly after the movie begins.