D-BOX Coded Video Mode (Computer & HaptiSync App)

Premium haptic experience for D-BOX coded movies, TV shows, using audio synchronization. All this using your computer as a HaptiSync controller.


ACCOUNT & SUBSCRIPTION (1st time only)

If not already done, create your D-BOX Connect account and ensure you subscribe to an HaptiSync subscription to get access to haptic codes for more than 2,500 movies and shows.


SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD (1st time only)

If not already done, download and install the latest version of D-BOX Motion Core Software.  It is available in the Software Downloads section of our website.   

If you have a Motion 1 chair and have installed MasterPlus+ already, you can skip this step.


Open the D-BOX HaptiSync app. 

The app can be launched either from your desktop shortcut, the Windows Start Menu or from MasterPlus (software available if you own a Cooler Master Motion 1 chair).



In the HaptiSync app, select your computer.



ACTIVATION (1st time only)

Make sure your computer is activated and linked to your D-BOX Connect account.

Also make sure that you see a recent "Last updated" date to confirm haptic library download.



When ready to start watching a movie, go to the HAPTISYNC ENGINE section and select the HaptiSync Mode D-BOX Coded Video from the drop down list.


In this section, you can also open the List of D-BOX Coded Titles to validate if the movie you are about to watch was coded by D-BOX.


Go to the D-BOX CODED VIDEO CONFIGURATION section and select your Audio Source to be used to listen the sound coming out of your PC.

  • If watching a movie on your computer, devices tagged with the prefix "OUT" should be chosen
  • If using your computer with your home theater set-up (watching a movie on your TV as an example). choose a device tagged with a prefix "IN", like a microphone or an audio line-in input.



In this same section, you can adjust the Haptic Delay Calibration and the Recognition Tolerance.

Haptic Calibration Delay:

  • External factors may influence synchronization delays (distance from your screen, sound transmission, etc.). We suggest calibrating your haptic system as described in next step.  Delay can be set between -200 to 200 milliseconds.

Recognition Tolerance:

  • Audio recognition tolerance can be set between 0 and 100 seconds. If a recognition failure occurs during the specified delay (foreign languages, ambient noise, etc.), the synchronization will be maintained and the haptic will not be interrupted. When pausing or stopping playback, the haptic will continue for the same number of seconds.

TESTING & CALIBRATION (1st time only)

Open your browser and go to the D-BOX Haptic Experiences YouTube channel

  • Start the test clip and wait 30 seconds to confirm that everything works 
  • Start the calibration clip to verify that there is no unpleasant delay (optional)

Start your movie and wait for the audio synchronization to complete. Motion should start within a minute.  You will see the movie title appear in the "Now Playing" section: