Adaptive Gaming Mode

Real-time haptic feedback in response to user action from a keyboard or game controller

  Note: Adaptive Gaming is not working with HOTAS and certain steering wheels.  This should be added soon.
1. If not already done, create your D-BOX Connect account (How-to-create-your-d-box-connect-account

When prompted by the D-BOX Game Center, login to your D-BOX Connect account 


In the D-BOX Game Center, set the HaptiSync Mode to Adaptive Gaming.  This will bring you automatically to the tab Adaptive Gaming Mode 



Please make sure to press "Yes" when prompted for admin rights



Click on Adaptive Gaming Configurator to open the app 




In the Adaptive Gaming Configurator 

  • Ensure that Adaptive Gaming Enabled is set to ''ON''
  • Click on Create a profile or select an existing profile 
    If you created your profile: 
    - Name your profile 
    - Add haptic effects to your profile 
  • Select the profile 
  • Launch the game and play 


Tip : Built-in tutorials are included in the configurator and are very helpful to help you understand how to use this mode.


Tip: Profiles can be shared with other users. You just need to right-click on your profile and follow the instruction to export. To import a profile, just select “Import profile…” and follow the instructions.