Adaptive Audio Mode (From the Game Center)

Automated haptic experiences for any movie, music,TV show and games using audio processing. (Beta)


If not already done, create your D-BOX Connect account (How-to-create-your-d-box-connect-account) and ensure you subscribe to an HaptiSync subscription to get access to more than 2,200 movies and shows.

(Two free months automatically activated upon creating a D-BOX Connect account and activating a PC)


When prompted by the D-BOX Game Center, login to your D-BOX Connect account


In the D-BOX Game Center, set the HaptiSync Mode to Adaptive Audio (Beta) game-center-adaptive-audio-1

 Please make sure to press Yes when prompted for admin rights



Click on HaptiSync App to launch it  and go through the activation flow for your PC – first-time use only (the Mobile version of the app can also be used)


Note: In the HaptiSync app,  there is no need to use the function Add HaptiSync Device.  If you have chosen the HaptiSync Mode Adaptive Audio in the Game Center, your PC will appear automatically.

  • You might see the message Activation Required, if it is not already activated. Click on your computer and follow the steps to log in to your D-BOX Connect account



In the HaptiSync app, after download is complete and the activation is done, select your computer 



Set the HaptiSync Mode to Adaptive Audio and

under Audio Source, select your Audio Source in the drop down. You should use a device with a prefix "OUT"



Start your movie (or game) and wait for the audio synchronization to complete.

Haptic feedback should start quickly after the movie or game begins.


As all movies (or games) have different soundtrack and style, you might have to adjust the Audio Source Level to optimize the haptic feedback.

The option "Ignore Central Audio (Voice)" might be used for some movies to ensure there is no haptic feedback on dialogues (voices).