Troubleshooting using LED status (KCU-1P)

This section covers the status LED located on your KCU-1P.

Once you plug the KCU-1P, the controller draws 48V from its power supply. The front STATUS LED illuminates as follow:

LED Status

Potential Cause

Corrective Actions


KCU-1P is not powered

  • Make sure the power supply is properly connected.


No USB connection is detected

  • Check that the USB cable is properly connected.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of Motion Core installed.
  • Make sure you are using the original USB cable provided with your controller.


Connected to the PC USB port. The unit is ready to operate.

  • If working with G3, make sure the ACM-Status LED for Main ACM IN port are ON, meaning the ACM is receiving the information from KCU.
  • Start your D-BOX compatible software or game.


The device is operational and receiving haptic data (or silence data).