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Troubleshooting using LED status (HaptiSync Hub + G1 + KCA)

This article covers the LED displayed on the haptic system KCA or Jaymar back panel. This article is only valid for G1 systems (sold and installed before September 2021).

Identify your components and LEDs

Haptic system KineChain Adapter (KCA) Jaymar back panel

You will find the KCA connected to the ACM which is attached to the seat (inside).

*Ignore 1st and 3rd LEDs

LED Status

Jaymar Back Panel KCA Potential Cause Corrective Action
Normal operation
  • n/a
Communication issue
  • Make sure that the flat cable is properly connected to the NEXT port (models with a rear panel) or the KineChain OUT port (G1 models).
  • Try replacing the CAT.5E shielded cable between your HaptiSync Hub and the seat and/or between seats (for a multiple seat setup).
Communication issue
  • Verify that the CAT5E cable from the ACM G1 port (models with a rear panel) or the ACM OUT (G1 models) cable to the motor drive is properly connected.
  • Try replacing the CAT5E cable on the ACM G1
Defective actuator
  • Call your reseller. The system needs some part replacement.
Could be an error on one or more actuators.
  • Verify whether there is a cable or an object blocking the movement of the actuator(s).