Swap actuators at ACM port (for troubleshooting)

This procedure is meant to isolate an issue with either an ACM or an actuator and confirm diagnosis.

Tools needed

Philipps #2 screwdriver


Step 1:

Remove the screws holding the center ACM cover.

Then remove the remaining screws from the actuator cover and gently pull the actuator cover from the ACM.

Step 2:

Each actuator is identified by a letter. Each actuator has two cables: a power cable and a signal cable.

Step 3:

Swap power connectors from A to B and vice-versa.

Swap signal connector from A to B and vice-versa.

Step 4:

Once the test is finalized, depending on the next recommended step, you might need to connect the actuator and close the ACM. In this case, simply reverse steps 1-2-3.