Overweight Fault

Presentation of the potential causes for the above mentioned fault and prescribed corrective actions.

Handling actuator cables and connections while the ACM, Haptic Bridge or Haptic Actuator is powered could cause injury or death due to the high voltage involved. Always turn off the system power by unplugging the ACM or Haptic Bridge power cord before handling any cables or connections.

NOTE: Cooler Master Motion 1 gaming chair and D-BOX VIBE chair are powered by a G5 Haptic System.

Potential causes

Corrective actions

G1/G2/G3/G5 Haptic System

There is too much weight on the

The weight is unbalanced on the platform/chair. 

  1. Make sure that the weight on the platform/chair is not heavier than the maximum supported weight.  For the Motion 1 and D-BOX VIBE chair, the maximum weight is 250 lbs (113kg).

  2. Make sure the weight is evenly distributed on the platform/chair.
  3. If connected to a PC and have access to the System Monitor, weight  in ''D-BOX Newton'' should be lower than:
    • 250lb model: 1900N
    • 400lb model: 2400N
    • 500lb model: 2800N
  4. If the error persists, contact D-BOX Customer Support.