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My haptic seat lacks precision (the seat is not fully calibrated/synchronized with the content)

D-BOX’s unique and patented HaptiSync technology should always accurately synchronize a haptic experience with your movie better than human perception. If this isn't the case, please follow the steps below.

Your D-BOX HaptiSync Hub is factory calibrated for most common uses, such as using its sound sensor (microphone) within 3 metres (10 ft.) of your viewing location. However, external factors may influence synchronization delays, such as:

  • Using an Audio Line-in signal with audio processors.
  • Distance and sound transmission delays through the air.
  • Mixing wireless and wired sound paths.


To adjust (or verify) the optimal calibration delay between your sound system and your HaptiSync Hub, please :

Step 1: Play the HaptiSync Delay Calibration (see below) and follow the on-screen instructions.
Step 2: Note a value where a haptic pulse is perceived slightly before a sound pulse.
Step 3: Note a value where a haptic pulse is perceived slightly after a sound pulse.
Step 4: Use the value in between (the average) for final calibration.
Step 5: If you do not perceive any difference, leave the calibration value at 0.