My actuators are noisy

Noise generally comes from friction between components. It is a normal symptom of wear. If you system is recent, it is not expected to be ‘’noisy’’. If you believe the noise you are hearing is abnormal, please follow the steps below.

Except if proposed by D-BOX in writing, you should never use oil or grease to help reduce the noise level

Step 1 :

Are you using official D-BOX accessories? Our accessories are designed to reduce friction and noise, and optimise lifetime. Please make sure you are using official D-BOX accessories.

Step 2 :

If you are using a non-captive ending, clean the actuator end piston and the non captive ending.

Step 3 :

Check if the noise level is impacted by moving the vibration and motion sliders in the D-BOX Control Panel.

Step 4 :

Validate that the noise is coming from the D-BOX system.

Noise and vibrations can come from a variety of components in an integrated system and even be amplified by the structure.

Step 5 :

If the noise is coming from the D-BOX system and you performed the previous validations, please provide a video of the actuator noise with description of the motion and environment to our support team.