Motor Temperature High Fault/Sensor Fault

Learn how to troubleshoot the potential causes for high motor temperatures/sensor faults and the prescribed corrective actions.

Handling actuator cables and connections while the ACM is powered on could cause injury or death. This type of equipment operates under extremely high voltages. Always turn off the system's power by unplugging the ACM power cord before touching actuator cables.

You must ask D-BOX Support's authorization prior opening the main cover of an ACM. Opening the main cover of an ACM without formal authorization voids the warranty.


Potential causes Corrective actions

The motor temperature detector has failed or disconnected, or that the temperature is too low.


If the temperature shown is
around 561 degrees, it may be
a defective motor cable or temperature sensor.
  1. Make sure that the weight on the platform is not heavier than the maximum supported weight.
  2. Make sure that the weight is evenly distributed among the actuators of the platform (as centered as possible).
  3. In System Monitor, weight limits in ''D-BOX Newton''
    • 250lb model: 1900N
    • 400lb model: 2400N
    • 500lb model: 2800N
    1. Make sure the haptic system is operating in normal operating conditions (room temperature).
    2. If error persists, replace/repair the faulty actuator.