How to work with D-BOX support?

Although our products are widely recognized as reliable, from time to time, you may need technical support. We want to clarify our customer support procedures to provide you with the best service possible. Please review the information that follows.

Before opening a ticket

If you are using a D-BOX product purchased through a D-BOX certified partner, you can access our troubleshooting for free in our knowledge base. If you can't fix your issue autonomously, please contact your D-BOX reseller to get information on next steps.

Tickets are expected to be opened ONLY by a D-BOX certified partner.

Contacting D-BOX

When you send us an email, you will receive an auto-reply indicating that we have received the query and will issue a CASE number (CCA-XX). We kindly ask that the subject line of subsequent replies is not modified to allow automatic pairing to your case. This allows us to treat your request in a timely manner.

When you try to reach us by phone, please leave a voice mail to open a ticket. If there is no voicemail, we won't be calling you back.

How to be efficient when contacting D-BOX

When opening a ticket, the following information are required:

  • The product serial number (SN). 
  • The confirmation of any troubleshooting steps performed (or article steps you followed).
  • A detailed description of the problem and its environment (a picture of the structure on which the system is integrated is always appreciated);
  • TeamViewer connection information (ID and Password);

If a product needs to be returned to D-BOX

  • Package the product in order to avoir further damage.
  • Make sure to identify the package with the case number (please use the return label provided by our team)