How do I test my haptic seat?

If you've just installed your haptic seat or if you've reconfigured its settings, follow the step-by-step directions below to test its functionality.

Step 1: Connect your haptic system accordingly to the HaptiSync System User Manual and make sure that all components of your HaptiSync system are powered on.
Step 2: Open the HaptiSync app and make sure the input mode is set to Integrated Microphone.
Step 3:

Play the HaptiSync Test video (see below).

  • This can be done from your mobile device by aiming its speaker towards your HaptiSync sound sensor (microphone).
  • Increase the sound level of playback so that the HaptiSync Hub can detect the playing video.
Step 4: Within 30 seconds, your system should move in sync with the test video.