G3 actuator installation/removal

Step-by-step approach to replace an actuator on a D-BOX G3 haptic system. Although this video is showing a 1.5 inch actuator change, the procedure is adequate for any G3 actuator replacement.

Tools needed


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Tools needed

Philipps #2 screwdriver

Removal Step-By-Step

Step 1:

Remove the screws holding the center ACM cover.

Then remove the remaining screws from the actuator cover and gently pull the actuator cover from the ACM.

Step 2:

Each actuator is identified by a letter. Each actuator has two cables: a power cable and an signal cable.

Identify both cables related to the actuator you wish to remove. Unplug both cables.

Installation Step-By-Step

Step 1:

Plug both power and signal cables in the ACM.

Step 2:

Install the actuator cover with screw.

Step 3:

Install the center ACM cover with screw.