How to reorder (or rearrange) a D-BOX G3 ACM using System Configurator?

Step-by-step approach to change the ACM order (or arrangement), i.e. changing a ''Master ACM'' into a ''Slave ACM'' or vice-versa. This is only possible on a G3 haptic system.

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In a G2 or G3 system, each ACM is assigned following its position in the system. It is programmed as :

  • ACM Master: first ACM in a haptic system
  • ACM Slave: all following ACMs


This function is only available for the G3 haptic system.

  First, download and install System Configurator on your PC.

Access the ''ACM Rearrangement (G3 only)'' tab.

The connected ACM order (or arrangement) is indicated at the left side of the window:

  • If a MASTER ACM is connected, only the ''Switch to Slave ACM'' button is available.
  • If a SLAVE ACM is connected, only the ''Switch to Master ACM'' button is available. 

Step 1:

Click on the ''Switch to Slave ACM'' button. When operation is successful, the ''Switch to Slave ACM'' button changes to ''Switch to Master ACM''.

Step 2:

Connect the system accordingly to the ACM new order (arrangement).

Step 3:

Run a test through Control Panel to make sure the haptic system is functional.

Step 4:

Replace the ACM order (arrangement) sticker on top of the ACM.