How to reorder (or rearrange) a D-BOX G3 ACM using System Configurator?

Step-by-step approach to change the ACM order (or arrangement), i.e. changing a ''Main ACM'' into a ''Secondary ACM'' or vice-versa. This is only possible on a G3 haptic system.

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In a G3 system, each ACM is assigned following its position in the system. It is programmed as :

  • ACM Main: first ACM in a haptic system
  • ACM Secondary: all following ACMs


This function is only available for the G3 haptic system.

  First, download and install the D-BOX System Configurator.  You can find it in the download section of the website
Step 1:

Access the ''ACM Rearrangement (G3 only)'' tab.


The connected ACM order (or arrangement) is indicated at the left side of the window:

  • If a MAIN ACM is connected, only the ''Switch to Secondary ACM'' button is available.
  • If a SECONDARY ACM is connected, only the ''Switch to Main ACM'' button is available. 
Step 2:

Click on the ''Switch to Secondary ACM'' button. When operation is successful, the ''Switch to Secondary ACM'' button changes to ''Switch to Main ACM''.

Step 3:

Connect the system accordingly to the ACM new order (arrangement).

Step 4:

Run a test through Control Panel to make sure the haptic system is functional.

Step 5:

Replace the ACM order (arrangement) sticker on top of the ACM.