How do I connect a G3 haptic system?

Read out step-by-step approach to learn how to properly connect a D-BOX G3 haptic system.

Single platform connection schematics

Multiple platforms connection schematics

Video - How to connect a 4250i G3 haptic system?

Depending on the ACM position in the system, it is programmed either as:

  • MASTER: first ACM in a haptic system
  • SLAVE: all following ACMs

The last Master(s) and Slave(s) ACM(s) in the chain must always be terminated using a shielded CAT5 cable, connecting from OUT to END ports of ACM.

Single platform connection shematics

Here are typical ACM configurations for the connection of a single Haptic System:

Multiple platforms connection schematics

The following example shows 3 Haptic Systems using 2 ACMs each.

Video - How to connect a 4250i G3 haptic system?

Although this video is showing a 1.5 inch actuator change, the procedure is adequate for any G3 system connection.