How to change the configuration of a D-BOX haptic system (G2/G3)?

The configuration affects the way the system reacts to the haptic code. It is defined by the number of ACM, the number of actuators, and the position assigned to each actuators.

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The ''Configuration Update'' tab allws you to change the configuration of the platform connected. Here are the actions you may perform using this tab:

  • Change the position assigned to each actuator in the configuration;
  • Change the number of actuators in the configuration;
  • Change the number of ACM in the configuration.

Actuator positions (AIF)

The following logo is used to represent the actuator positions. It represents a man sitting in a sofa. The figure diplays the actuator positions.


This function is only compatible with G2 and G3 haptic system.

  First, download and install Motion System Configurator.
Step 1:

Access the ''Configuration Update'' tab:

In the ''Hadware Selection'' box, select the KCU-1P connected to the platform you want to update. If there is only one KCU, no selection is needed.

Step 2:

Select the platform number (if multiple platforms are connected to the KCU-1P).If there is only one platform connected to the KCU-1P, no selection is needed.

The ''Actual DOF Configuration'' box shows the configuration which is connected. There is no selection to be done in this box.

Step 3: In the ''DOF Configuration Filter'' box:, validate that the number of ACMs detected is accurate. If it is not the case, check the connections and click on the Refresh information.
Step 4: Validate that the number of actuators detected is accurate. If this is not the case, set the actuator count.
Step 5:

Check the boxes of every axis - degrees of freedom) - supported by the new configuration and click Refresh information. The following window appears.

Step 6:

The ''Configuration and Description'' section shows the list of all the available configurations.

Select the appropriate configuration from the configurations list or type the configuration number in the configuration field.

NOTE: Typing the configuration code in the configuration field yields the same result.

By selecting a configuration, its layout appears in the Compatible Configuration Selection box. The layout displays the following elements:

  • The ACM connected and their arrangement - Master and Slave(s)
  • The actuators connected, their assigned connection slot - named A or B in G3 ACM, or 1, 2 or 3 in G2 ACM
  • The actuators physical positions on the simulator
Step 7:

Once the configuration is chosen, click the Apply configuration The configuration update process starts.

Once the configuration update is complete, the following confirmation window appears.

Step 8: Change the configuration stickers on top of the ACM.