How to activate D-BOX in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Read the step-by-step procedure below which will allow you to enable the D-BOX haptic for MS Flight Simulator.

Step 1: Make sure the PC is running the latest version of Motion Core  (this is very important).
Step 2:

In the D-BOX Game Center, verify that the Motion Code is installed, then RIGHT-CLICK on the Game Center Flight Simulator 2020 and chose ''Motion Code settings''.

Step 3:

Click ''Enable Automatic Start with Game'' (left option)

Step 4:

Make sure that the "FS2020MotionAddon" is running


In case the Addon is not running, please launch it manually from this location:

C:\Program Files\D-BOX\Gaming\Flight Simulator 2020

Step 5:  Enjoy MS Flight Simulator with D-BOX!