How to activate D-BOX haptics in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Read the step-by-step procedure below which will allow you to enable the D-BOX haptic for MS Flight Simulator.

Step 1: Make sure the PC is running the latest version of Motion Core  (this is very important).
Step 2:

In the D-BOX Game Center, verify that the Motion Code is installed, then RIGHT-CLICK on the Game Center Flight Simulator 2020 and chose ''Motion Code settings''.

Step 3:

Click ''Enable Automatic Start with Game'' (left option) - VERY IMPORTANT

Step 4:

Make sure that the "FS2020MotionAddon" is running


In case the Add-on is not running, please launch it manually from this location:

C:\Program Files\D-BOX\Gaming\Flight Simulator 2020

Step 5:  Enjoy MS Flight Simulator with D-BOX!


If you are playing the game using the XBOX PC APP, the Game Center may display the status "Game Not Found". Don't worry, simply start your game and the haptic feedback will work as expected.