How to activate D-BOX haptic in Assetto Corsa Content Manager?

AC Content Manager bypasses the AC menu, therefore some changes in the haptic code configuration are needed. This step-by-step procedure will allow you to enable the D-BOX option on AC Content Manager.

Step 1: Install the Assetto Corsa motion code normally from the Game Center.
Step 2: Open AC Content Manager (as an administrator) and go to Settings / Integrated.
Step 3:

Check the D-BOX integration option and put the following path: "C: \ Program Files \ D-BOX \ Gaming \ Assetto Corsa \ ACWithLiveMotion.exe".

The box you need to check to activate D-BOX motion in the Content Manager

Step 4: Click on the "Switch D-BOX to CM-Compatible Mode" and press Yes to all pop-up Windows.
Step 5: Select the D-BOX Location which should be in : "C:\Program Files\D-BOX\Gaming\Assetto Corsa\ACWithLiveMotion.exe"
Step 6: Launch the game via Content Manager

If the computer is running slow, Assetto Corsa may take longer to launch, which may cause D-BOX to fail because of a too long delay. In order to prevent this behavior, you can add delay to D-BOX so it will wait for Assetto Corsa to start. 10 to 20 seconds is the average, depending on the computer speed.