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The movie I am playing is not recognized

D-BOX HaptiSync Technology is the core of your HaptiSync Hub.

This complex technology enables recognition and synchronization with your on-screen content. This recognition technology matches the audio to a specific D-BOX Haptic code track.

Since your library contains thousands of Haptic Codes, some titles may take longer to be recognized.

How to maximize the system's performance?

Step 1:

Play older title from the beginning:

  • Your HaptiSync Hub should recognize any D-BOX compatible content within 1 minute when first played from the beginning of its timeline (the first 15 minutes).
  • For example, if you want to watch the final scene from an old movie: first play the title from the beginning, wait for the HaptiSync Hub to recognize the content and then skip to the final scene.
  • Recently added D-BOX titles (250 latest) should be recognized when first played from anywhere in their timeline.
Step 2: Play title which are stored in your HaptiSync Hub:
  • Your HaptiSync Hub will remember the last 10 titles that have been recognized and/or included in the last library update. When a title is stored in the HaptiSync Hub memory, it can recognize it faster (within 10 seconds).
Step 3:

Play the original movie version:

  • Please note that non-original versions (such as foreign languages) may take significantly longer for the HaptiSync Hub to recognize.
Step 4:

Adjust the tolerance parameter:

  • You can adjust the recognition tolerance parameters in the HaptiSync app.
  • Use a higher tolerance value (like 30s) to continue the haptic experience for portions of unrecognized audio (foreign languages, ambient noise, talking).
  • Use a lower tolerance value (like 5s) to stop haptic experiences faster when pausing or stopping playback.