Encoder Fault

Presentation of the potential causes for the above mentioned fault and prescribed corrective actions.

Handling actuator cables and connections while the ACM is powered could cause injury or death. There equipment operate under extremely high voltage. Always turn off the system power by unplugging ACM power cord before.

You must ask D-BOX Support authorization prior opening the main cover of an ACM. Opening the main cover of an ACM without formal authorization voids the warranty.


Potential causes Corrective actions

There is a problem associated to the motor encoder.

Could be a defective motor encoder, a defective motor cable or ACM.

  1. Power off the haptic system, wait for a minute,
    then try again.

  2. Inside the ACM, check that the white 4 pins power connector is properly connected.

  1. Power off the haptic system and interchange the actuator connection in the ACM. This manoeuvre helps isolate the problem.

    • If the fault persists on the same port after the swap, problem is related to the ACM. Replace/repair the faulty ACM.

    • If the fault follows the faulty actuator, the problem is related to this actuator. Replace/repair the faulty actuator.

Old firmward version

On old firmware version, you might have an encoder fault appear when unplugging/replugging an actuator to the ACM. 

If this happen, reboot the ACM on which the fault appeared. This should fix the issue.