Mechanic/Motor replacement

This procedure is drafted for an AC231 actuator but is similar to the replacement procedure for all of our G1, G2, G3 actuators.

Tools required


How to replace a mechanic on an actuator (video)

Tools required

Hexagonal screwdriver

  • 3mm (for AC218, AC231)
  • 4mm (for AC231-Moons', AC360)
  • 9/64 (for AC7, AC211, AC10)
Note: T-handle will ease the procedure

Torque wrench


Step 1:

Remove the 4 Allen screws #8-32 with the 9/64 hex bit screwdriver.
Note: Keep the screws for reinstallation of the new mechanic.

Step 2: Split motor from mechanic.

Note: Keep the yellow spider on the coupling of the motor.

Step 3:  Install new motor on the mechanic and align the yellow spider correctly.

Note: Hold anchor with your finger to prevent ballscrew from turning while mating the motor to the housing; this will ensure the couplings stay aligned.

Note: Make sure the holes on the body align with the ones on the actuator bracket.

Step 4: Use the T-handle hexagonal screwdriver to install the mechanic on the motor with the 4 screws.
Step 5: Check correct operation of the actuator by extending and compressing the piston with your hand.

How to replace a mechanic on an actuator