Actuator Hard Fault

Presentation of the potential causes for the above mentioned fault and prescribed corrective actions.

Handling actuator cables and connections while the ACM is powered could cause injury or death. There equipment operate under extremely high voltage. Always turn off the system power by unplugging ACM power cord before.

You must ask D-BOX Support authorization prior opening the main cover of an ACM. Opening the main cover of an ACM without formal authorization voids the warranty.


Potential causes Corrective actions
This is a Hard fault; the faulty
actuator is immediately
deactivated to prevent damage to the ACM, and all other actuators go to their lowest position.
  1. Do a visual inspection to make sure nothing is blocking the actuator travel.

  2. Power off the haptic system, support the platform in order to gain access to the actuator piston and pull it out of its body slowly until the entire piston is out of the body and than slowly push it back in.

  3. If error persists, replace/repair the faulty actuator.